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This MBA program develops business leaders through knowledge and key skills that form part of the course. MBAs are therefore able to give strategic direction, influence people and make good use of financial, technical and human resources. The MBA program of University of The Punjab will help you develop creative thinking that will enable you to challenge your abilities, and realize your maximum potential. You will benefit from the experience of our staff, which are practitioners and consultants in the field, and will share their experiences of management and organizational cultures, and prepare you for the challenging corporate environment.

Degree Requirements

Minimum 45% marks in BA, B.Sc, B.Com or equivalent degree from HEC recognized university or college.

Why this Degree

The Master of Business Administration is one of the most sought after qualification in the industry. Professionals in the field of engineering, science, arts, commerce, doctors aspire for this qualification. MBA is widely recognized qualification in management and business, and will help you launch a successful career. MBA is designed to equip students with managerial and leadership skills, and enhance the skills required by business firms. MBA graduates are generally required by organizations for entry-level as well middle management positions in finance, human resource management and marketing departments.

Courses Offered

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1 Principles of Management
2 Business Communication & Report Writing
3 Financial Accounting
4 Economics
5 Principles of Banking
6 Principles of Marketing
7 Business Mathematics & Statistics
8 Information Technology for Business Executives
1 Mercantile Laws
2 Financial Management
3 Human Resource Management
4 Production & Operation Management
5 Business Research Mathods
6 Cost & Management Accounting
7 Auditing (Elective - Finance)
8 Business Taxation (Elective - Finance)
9 Consumer Behavior (Elective - Marketing)
10 Advertising & Promotional Straegies (Elective - Marketing)
1 Enterpreneurship
2 Strategic Management
3 Management Information Systems
4 Organizational Behavior
5 Logic & Critical Thinking
6 Economy of Pakistan
7 Corporate Finance (Elective - Finance)
8 Investment & Portfolio Management (Elective - Finance)
9 Global / International Business (Elective - Marketing)
10 Marketing Research (Elective - Marketing)