Alumni Association

The aims and objectives of RISE Alumni Association is to encourage alumni to maintain links with the institute and with each other, in order:

  • To encourage more effectively the welfare and interest of the institute and alumni.
  • To support the aims and objectives of institute and uphold its reputation as ambassadors of RISE.
  • To establish mutually beneficial relationship between the institute and its alumni and to bind the alumni more closely together.
  • To assist in developing financial and other resources for the institute and Alumni Association.
  • To support the development of the institute services through advice, consultancy, assistance with recruitment of students and faculty or any other means.

RISE has always taken huge pride in its students, especially the graduates proving to the world what RISE is capable off. Our elite alumni has proved that, we at RISE provide their students with broad and in-depth exposure which equips our students to face the employment market with technical knowledge and confidence.

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