History of RISE

RISE Group of Colleges was established in 2008. It started its journey with 13 teachers and 205 students. Now by the start of 2017, it has expanded to 3 schools which include:

  • School of Accountancy
  • School of Management & Technology
  • School of Engineering

We now have a network of 4 campuses in 3 major cities of Pakistan. Number of teachers has grown to 176 and students to approximately more then 10,000.

The main objective of our institute is to foster national development through creation of an educated and knowledgeable society by providing quality education to the people of Pakistan. With rapidly changing socioeconomic conditions of the country, the world becoming a global village and the opportunities arising out of free market economy, our objectives are to not just to provide quality excellent technical, business and social education for our youth but to also provide high quality educational and career counseling.